IN MEMORIAM We Say Our Last Goodbye to Our Good Mister Željko Kulišić

Mr. Željko Kulišić, devoted husband, father, nono and the good spirit of our DuList and JustDubrovnik editorial office left us for a better and more peaceful place. It is with great and special sadness that we write these lines, remembering the wonderful moments we spent with our always smiling Željko, who left us at the age of 69 after a short illness.

From participating in politics to gardening olives and enjoying Jug’s matches, he was always giving his all and doing his best. Mr. Željko actively participated in the most important city events decades ago, and always – with equal enthusiasm.

Born in 1952, he became a naval engineer at the Faculty of Nautical Studies in Dubrovnik. His love for the sea takes him far from the city. And yet, after 20 years of sailing on foreign ships as a machine manager, before the start of the Homeland War, he returned to his beloved city and was employed by the utility company Čistoća, as a technical director. He became the first post-war head of communal services, in the period from 1993 to 1997. Within 16 years of work in Hrvatske vode, he spent two years in the period from 2005 to 2007 as the deputy mayor of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

A special place in his work, which he was especially proud of, was the position of president of the branch Hrvatski domobran Dubrovnik and also held the position of vice president of the Association of War Veterans Hrvatski domobran at the national level. For Mr. Željko, this was not just a function, but a life mission – which ultimately led to the elucidation of the mystery of the painful period of Croatian history. After almost 70 years, the Association launched exhumations in Jakljan island in 2013, under the ‘cap’ of Mr. Kulišić, a great wound in the military history that tells the story of missing Croatian and German soldiers and civilians from the wider Dubrovnik area, killed long after World War II, that was open for decades.
A very demanding job, from research, excavation to making the Memorial, was done by a small group of home guards, volunteers. By this act they will forever be in the thoughts of the descendants of those who were killed. He is the initiator of the Elaphiti pilgrimage, by which the Dubrovnik Home Guard commemorates 272 exhumed victims of communist crimes committed during and after the Second World War in the Dubrovnik area for the past eight years.

His high ethics and morality were confirmed and awarded by another position – in 2016, Mr. Željko Kulišić was elected a full member of the Court of the Croatian National Ethical Court.

Yet, all his functions, jobs, and rich life path cannot compare to the love he had for his family and his olive groves. With special pride he always emphasized his love for his wife, children and four grandchildren. It is with unique sadness in our hearts that our editorial office says goodbye to our good Mr. Željko, may he rest in peace and glory, proudly just as he had lived.