‘Gossip’: Sweetest patisserie with the best stories in Dubrovnik

Located on Stradun, the patisserie Gossip has the best stories and the finest desserts in the world! Ice cream is the thing to try – Gossip offers many flavors, made with love and amazing skills of Gossip workers, amazing, brand new technology, but also proven recipes and the best ingredients!

Threat yourself with this refreshing delicacy, but make sure you don’t miss the tasteful, freshly squeezed juices prepared from fresh fruits, or some other daily made refreshments for cool up your warm days in Dubrovnik.

Night tells a different story – beside the amazing sweets, Gossip offers great light snacks, sandwiches and the softest muffins in the world. But the real thing is a great idea of ‘mojito to go’, perfectly made cocktail you can carry on while enjoying long walks on Stradun during the night hours.

Skills and careful selection of local ingredients, as well as perfectly prepared menu, Gossip offers the best quality and the best tastes. So, what are you waiting for? Grab that mojito and let’s go!