2019 European Parliament Election: Waiting for the Results

The 2019 European Parliament election in Croatia electing members of the national Croatia constituency to the European Parliament was held on 26 May 2019, and according to the first (unofficial) results, the leading party is Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) with five mandates, followed by The Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP) with three mandates. Independent List (NL) M. Kolakušić has one mandate, just like the Croatian Sovereigns (Hrvatski suverenisti), Human Shield (Živi zid) and the Amsterdam coalition (Amsterdamska koalicija).

This is the first election in Croatia held nationally since the 2016 parliamentary election, after which the center-right HDZ formed a coalition government, first with the center-right MOST and later in June 2017 with the centrist HNS.

As of 2018, a total of 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) represent more than 512 million people from 28 member states. Read more here.