Tradition and people

95 Years Ago Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra Held Its First Concert

The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra prepared a rich program on the occasion of its 95th anniversary, but due to circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic, they had to move their music activities to social networks, such as Facebook.

The story of the Orchestra began in 1925, when the Dubrovnik Philharmonic (today Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra) performed its first concert at the Bonda Theater (the date id April 13). The concert was conducted by Polish conductor Tadeusz Sygietynski, then conductor of the Warsaw Opera, while Paula Begović performed as a piano soloist.

The critique of the first performance was excellent, noting that the concert was performed with the right dose of taste and style. From then until today, our Orchestra has been an indispensable part of Dubrovnik’s rich tradition and continues the musical tradition that actually existed during the Dubrovnik Republic.