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A Blast From The Past: How to Charm a Lady in 1957?

Are you familiar with the term ‘seagull’? No, not that graceful bird!

‘Seagull’ is a common name for man in quest for beautiful female tourists from all around the world who come to, for example (or in this case), Dubrovnik. Usually, Dubrovnik ‘seagulls’ would take beautiful girls to drink, romantic walk under the stars, and something else we won’t mention here.

Always classy, charming and persistent, ‘seagulls’ were the ‘homme fatale‘ from some far, far times, now replaced with classical summer search for good time.  One of those ‘seagulls’ was captured in a romantic photo from 1957.

Our reader sent us the photo, stating just a few information: it is made by PHOTO POLJAK WLADYSLAW SLAWNY.

And now we are curious – who is this mysterious ‘seagull’? If you, by any chance, recognize these lovely faces, send us an e-mail: Let’s find the charming couple!