A New ‘Memories of the City’ by Hrvoje Juvančić

‘The memory of the City ‘is a project of research and presentation of the film and video archives of the city of Dubrovnik, prepared for eleven years now by the author, journalist and director Hrvoje Juvančić from Dubrovnik.

In this year’s project, named ‘Find the Difference’ Juvančić will, through two simultaneous projections, show to the citizens of Dubrovnik and the tourists a filmed life of Dubrovnik through the range of 27 years.

The projection begins with the film ’24 hours: 14/8/1990′ based on the Juvančić’s recordings o the life 27 years ago, showing the emblematic sites of the city recorded in one day: Stradun, Lokrum, Pjaca, Prijeko, cafes, night life… Following the July 16 and 17 where the author recorded again 20-minute-long film following the same motifs and frames, this time with funny subtitles of the recorded scenes, making the project ‘Memory of the City’ a nostalgic comparison of ‘once and now’ where the authors shows that the today’s overcrowded city was fulfilled with tourists even 27 years ago…

The motifs and frames can be seen here – don’t miss the opportunity to see the projection this Saturday, August 36, from 8.30 to 11.30 pm at the Pile entrance.