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A week with tennis star Goran Ivanišević

Dubrovnik has gained another sports asset. Famed Croatian tennis player Goran Ivanišević has chosen Dubrovnik for his tennis camp. In cooperation with Tennis Club Ragusa and support from the City of Dubrovnik, the camp is open from July 23 to July 28 in Tennis Centre Dubrovnik at Gospino Polje.

Ivanišević was thrilled by the enthusiasm of Dubrovnik tennis officials, especially of Barović family, and decided to make a 5-year contract on cooperation. Although this year it is going to be only 5 days, one of the project aims is to hold it in spring and perhaps winter months.

There are 14 young tennis players in the camp this year, between ages of 10 to 16, 11 of them come from Dubrovnik, two from Russia and one from Germany.

– That is the best number for year one. The kids are going to practise in four courts with four trainers. The aim is for kids to get all the attention her in Dubrovnik, since some of them are really talented, particularly the young Ana Konjuh. She will surely be one of the ten best tennis players in the world – says Ivanišević.

– Many people did not believe I would prepare such a project in a very short time. The first year is the most important, and I hope some rock is not going to hit me and prevent me from doing this for the next five years – he stresses.

On Wednesday, July 25, the Kids Day is taking place in Stradun, and on Saturday the trainees in Ivanišević Tennis Camp will play the final tournament.