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Adio, Star Wars! Hope to See You Again

After eight days and evenings of shooting, Star Wars crew leaves Dubrovnik. This morning many vehicles came to our city to move the scene parts from Stradun and other places. If you didn’t know, for filming the 8th part of Star Wars the center of our town was mostly closed during the night hours. Some of the scenes were shot at the Banje beach near the historic center, and on the ship called “Sea Star.”
Star Wars brought a massive promotion to our city as well as Game of Thrones. Except for that, this movie production helped to Dubrovnik manufacturers to increase their job during the March, the month that is usually considered as a ‘death season’ in the town.
Namely, during this period more than 70 percent of the work on the set was done by Dubrovnik entrepreneurs, while the owners of residential and commercial buildings signed about 120 contracts which they compensate for damage due to the closure. That means Star Wars brought publicity and more job to our city which is very good for this region. Otherwise, the eighth sequel of Star Wars is expected in theaters on December 15, 2017.