Adriatic DMC Donation to Lopud Firefighters

Dubrovnik-based destination management company (DMC), Adriatic DMC has donated 50,000.00 kn to Lopud island’s volunteer fire service (DVD Lopud). The Christmas donation to the fire station by the company is part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility and the communities it operates in. Managing Director, Srdjan Kristic, said: “We consider firefighters to be a key part of the community. Not only for the selfless service they provide in dangerous situations but the role they play in maintaining green spaces and infrastructure.

“Many people don’t realize how the fire service contributes to the success of the tourism industry and a visitor’s experience of the island which is a gem of Dubrovnik’s tourism offer. It wasn’t difficult to come to the conclusion that Lopud’s volunteer fire service was well deserving of our Christmas donation, this is a small gesture recognizing the big impact their work has.”

The donation will be used to buy equipment for Lopud island fire station.

Stjepko Krilanovic, Commander of Dubrovnik’s Fire Service received the donation from Mr.Kristic, “We’re very pleased to accept this kind donation from Adriatic DMC and would like to thank them for recognizing the fire service’s hard work to keep Lopud a safe and attractive place for locals and tourists alike.”

Adriatic DMC

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