Adventure Tourism: Cross Border Partnership

Adventure or outdoor tourism is one of the industry’s boom sectors with more and more people looking for active holidays offering a different experience of the countries they visit. Croatian and its neighbouring countries have become extremely popular as a result of their mountainous regions and vast coast lines and waterways.

As visitor numbers have increased over recent years so has pressure on mountain rescue services in Croatia and Montenegro. This has resulted in the formation of a European Union IPA Programme for Croatia and Montenegro which strives to make adventure tourism safe and enjoyable. The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (CMRS) works together with UNDP Montenegro, and the Centre For Susatinable Tourism Initiatives among others to produce travel itineraries and publish information leaflets and brochures for visitors.

This week in Dubrovnik, a conference was held by the CMRS to present the cross border programme with Montenegro on the ‘Development of innovative technology in adventure tourism’. The goal of the programme over the next two years is to create successful cross-border tourism products and above all the development of an active cross-border “cluster” of tourism entrepreneurs.

The project aims to establish cooperation between  relevant institutions, organisations, businesses and individuals in the direction of a joint action in the field of tourism, protection of natural and cultural heritage, and community development and strengthening of human resources.

In line with new trends in tourism, the project brings innovations in the movement and promotion of tourism products with the help of computer technology. A fully functional geoportal  and two mobile applications that will facilitate the gathering of information and improve communication will be implemented. Additional rescue training and equipment will be delivered to some 40 members of the two mountain rescue services during the next two years alongside additional training for 15 tour guides.