Aeroflot is Back to Dubrovnik: The First Flight from Moscow Welcomed at Dubrovnik Airport

A very special welcome to the first regular flight of the Russian national airline Aeroflot – Russian Airlines on the Moscow-Dubrovnik route was organized at the Dubrovnik Airport in Čilipi, the County Tourist Board reports.

“After seven years, we are happy to have a direct line from Moscow to Dubrovnik and vice versa. Eighty-six passengers and six crew members arrived, and we hope that each new flight will be even better filled. The Russians are exceptional guests,” said Frano Luetić, director of Dubrovnik Airport.

“Croatia is on the list of safe destinations in Russia. This is a particularly important moment in these pandemic times, and we are pleased with the good occupancy of the flight. We see the City has finally started to come to life,” the director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Ana Hrnić, pointed out.

Aeroflot last flew on a regular route to Dubrovnik in 2014 and from now on it will again connect Moscow with Dubrovnik every day from June 1 until September 30 of this year, with Airbus A320 and Airbus A321 aircrafts.

Photo/Video: Zvonimir Pandža