After 7-day drift immigrants towed to Port Gruž

65 immigrants from Somalia, Egypt, Syria and Afghanistan applauded when they disembarked in Port Gruž, below Dr. Franjo Tuđman Bridge.

After their 20-metre sailing boat Maria Drink had been towed by tugboat Faust Vrančić, accompanied by the police and coast guard vessels, they disembarked in Gruž and some immigrants literally kissed the ground. No wonder, since they nearly escaped the disaster when afloat on the waters of the ecological and fisheries protected zone.

In Dubrovnik they were met by medical teams and police. Three tents had been put up for their accommodation, and after the medical treatment, the sailing boat and their personal belongings were disinfected.

For the time being, it is suspected that the immigrants have spent 7 full days on the boat and they have been travelling to Greece, says Mr Franjo Skokandić, the President of the County Protection and Rescue Centre.

– The details of their route are still unknown. If they were known, we would have a solution for such events, added Mr Skokandić. One of the biggest problems is the communication with the immigrants because they are very reserved. The youngest among them is only 15 years old.

– The youngest were disembarked first because they were in the worst state, while the others are well. Only one passenger has been taken to the hospital so far, emphasises Mr Skokandić.

After medical help provided, the immigrants will be settled in port premises, in a building in Kantafig that will serve as a refugee camp.