Air Quality Measuring System Installed by Dubrovnik Port Authority

As part of the Inter-PASS Intermodal Interconnection between Ports and Airports Project, approved by the INTERREG ADRION program, an ECO measuring station was acquired for the purpose of monitoring air quality, relative humidity, atmospheric air, air temperature, nitrogen oxide and monoxide concentrations , sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, UV index with display results on the screen and atmospheric conditions in the Port of Dubrovnik.

The device was set up at the beginning of 2019 in the Port of Dubrovnik and the results are now visible on the integrated information and communication system located at Našička / Terminal for homeport operations, as part of the Inter-pass project led by Hrvoje Kulušić, Assistant Director for Operations, Development and Maintenance. The total value of the project is 1,498,568.08 Euros.

Over the next few days, the data will be visible on the website of the Port Authority Dubrovnik via app, where the indicators of the current situation will be visible and the long-term monitoring of the air quality in the port, given the increasing application and control of ecological standards.

‘Environmental protection is of the highest value of the Port of Dubrovnik and preserving the quality of the environment, with rational use of natural resources, is one of the most pressing problems of further technological or economic development of the country. The main goals can be qualified as prevention of pollution of the seas, coasts and more secure residence of citizens and visitors’, they wrote in a statement from the Port of Dubrovnik.

The protection of the marine environment should be covered and implemented in accordance with the recommendations of the MEPC and the STCW Convention, with the installation of prescribed and authorized authorizations of equipment and equipment and the construction of landing, surveillance and control devices.
The Port Authority of Dubrovnik has aligned its regulations and plans with all regulations related to ecological standards and norms and is in the lead with the world’s leading environmental protection measures and principles.