Aklapela Festival Delights Dubrovnik

For the second year running the  Aklapela Festival brought the finest Klapa vocal groups to Dubrovnik to perform traditional Croatian songs in the beautiful a cappella style. Klapa music joined the UNESCO  Intangible Cultural Heritage List  in December last year making this year’s festival poignant given that Dubrovnik is a UNESCO site.

The festival was opened on Friday with a  concert at the Marin Drzic Theatre. Amongst the performers were Klapa Čuvite, Dišpet, FA Linđo, Kaleta, Kumpanji and Subrenum. Saturday night saw a sell out second night with performances by Klapa Bunari, Cambi, Ćakulone, Grdelin, Kaše and Neverin. As part of the festival visitors wandering around the Old Town were treated to performances by various Klapas.

Aklapela closed on Sunday with a free concert for the people of Dubrovnik at the Dominican Church in the Old Town. The hour long concert saw performances of songs from all over Croatia by the various Klapas in the beautiful surroundings of the church. Take a look at our photo gallery to see what the atmosphere was like.