Amazing Fitness Model Katya Elise Henry Enjoys her Time in Dubrovnik!

Katya Elise Henry, fitness model & trainer from Miami, enjoys her time in Dubrovnik these days!

Charming and with the amazing body, Katya is followed by 2,5 million people on Instagram, and here’s a bit info about her from her web page!

My journey started when I was at a place probably very similar to where you are right now. I knew how I wanted to look, and I knew that I really wanted to look like that, but I didn’t know where to start. Workouts By Katya was born out of my motivation to inspire and empower everyone to be their best. My vision is to provide you with the best workout programs and information to allow you to be your very best.

I was blessed with a Mom who is an amazing personal trainer, and a Dad who has always been involved in sports and weight training. Growing up, I was always active and generally fit. My childhood dream was to be a cheerleader, and I pursued this goal until it was achieved when I turned 18! (…)

People often ask me how I stay motivated to keep training and stay on track. The answer is simple – YOU! Nothing inspires me more than seeing your progress, especially if I have influenced you to be better!

I love seeing your results and knowing that I have been able to add positivity to your journey. I will be featuring the results of all of my amazing clients on both my website and social media, so keep an eye out. You never know where you might pop up!