American winemakers visited Peninsula, the birthplace of their variety Zinfandel

Owners of a reputable winery Turley from California visited the Peljesac peninsula as a part of their travel called ‘Discover the origins of Zinfandel’, organized for members of their wine club. They were hosted by Frano Milos, one of the leading Croatian wine producers and promoters of Plavac from the Peljesac territory. The aim of Turley’s visit has been directly linked to the research of the history and origins of Zinfandel, a wine variety that prevails in the Napa Valley. That wine variety is directly connected with Croatian Plavac.
The contact between the two families – Turly and Milos, was established earlier this year. In March, Franica, Josip i Ivan, sons and daughter of Frano Milos, visited Napa Valley and presented their wines. On this travel they collaborated with Turley’s, winemakers of Zifandel from California. Zinfandel is produced from Croatian variety of Crljenak kastelanski – which is the ‘father’ of Plavac Mali.

‘After they arrived we tasted ours and their wines. It was really fascinating to taste the similarities and differences between our Zinfandel and their Plavac. Therefore, we decided to travel to Croatia and see the birth place of these varieties – explained Christina, the eldest daughter of Turley’s.

Like Milos’, Turly family residues their wines organically, with minimal use of protection.Their winery is one of the best and eldest in America.

Turley Family and members of their wine club arrived to the Peninsula on the ship Silver Wind. They had a presentation of wines from two wineries – Milos Stagnum and Turley Syrah from in 1994.