Amerling’s Fountain Restored to Its Former Glory

Amerling’s Fountain right outside the Pile Gate, adorned with sculptures of Stojna and satyrs, is a masterpiece by Croatian sculptor Ivan Rendić from 1900. Recently, upon the request of the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities (DPDS), the fountain underwent a comprehensive restoration process, reclaiming its former splendor.

According to the DPDS, the restoration project was carried out in compliance with all necessary permits, including approval from the Conservator, which was obtained based on the project documentation by Studio presjek d.o.o. During the restoration works, fountain components were dismantled to restore the original casting (rigalica). After reassembly, restorative and conservation efforts took place, addressing damages, cracks, and replacing deteriorated joints to prevent further water leakage. Additionally, the pavement and water and drainage installations within a 2-meter radius of the fountain underwent rehabilitation.

Amerling’s Fountain also underwent a thorough cleaning process to remove algae, dirt, and limescale. Subsequently, damaged parts were reconstructed in accordance with the agreement reached with the responsible conservator. The construction and artisanal works were carried out by Klesarstvo Šakota, while authorized restorer Tjaša Kolačko was entrusted with the restoration and conservation tasks. The restoration process ensures the long-term preservation of this cultural monument, with the total value of the executed works amounting to €47,000 + VAT.