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Ana Rucner and Oliver Poole Welcome Summer With Their Special Concert on Srđ!

Ana Rucner, famous Croatian cellist, once again, for the fifth time, will perform on Srđ mountain above Dubrovnik – exactly at sunrise, at five am in the morning.

Her guest will be famous piano player, ‘young Rubinstein’ as called by BBC , mr. Oliver Poole. Just Dubrovnik team met them over a coffee and the announcement of this charming and unusual concert.

As it was the case in previous years, citizens and visitor will be able to welcome summer in the most beautiful way possible, via concert named ‘Welcome the Summer’. With the start of the concert at 5 am and the artist special musical style, this show will surely be a memorable event.

‘This is the sixt year of the festival ‘Ana in Town’, but the fifth year on Srđ mountain. Project itself develops really nicely, which makes me extremely happy’, says this charming young musician and a big, big humanitarian – ‘Throughout all these years, many great musicians were on Srđ, playing with me – from my mother to Oliver Poole’, says Ana.

Two of them will perform some classical pieces, some improvisation and some ‘work of their own’. Oliver told us how he felt when he was invited by Ana to Dubrovnik.

‘First of all, I would like to say two things – Ana is amazing, and you guys know I am very lucky to work with her! It is very easy to work with her, we share a lot of ideas, and fulfill each other with our ideas and ways of creative thinking, imagination and everything about the music. We love doing something cool, honestly, and this is why ideas like sunrise concert is amazing and inspirational’ says Oliver in one breath, smiling.

‘It is not the standard place to make music, but it is actually a very special experience. Personally, I believe in the experiences, and I think this is a great opportunity for me, to play with Ana, in this form and this setting, but also for people to experience that. It is a very rare thing and I think that, if it isn’t an amazing thing, people wouldn’t get up so early just to enjoy music.’, concludes Oliver, and now we are convicted – we’re off to Srđ.

And you? Here is the additional info about the concert: it is free, and will include a lot of music celebrities as a surprise. Since it is now quite easy to arrive to Srđ mountain that early as 5 am, there are some organized bus lines to the concert and back.

4:00 Main bus station Dubrovnik / Address: Obala pape Ivana Pavla II 44 A
04:05 Grawe center station
04:10 Villa Čingrija – Boninovo station
04:15 Pile (near Old Town)
04:20 Ilijina glavica station (above the intersection)

06:30 – with stops
Ilijina glavica station – Pile station – Health center station – Tommy hypermarket station – Main bus Station