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Ana Rucner Welcomes Summer with a Sunrise Serenade in Dubrovnik

After a year-long hiatus, renowned Croatian cellist Ana Rucner has once again greeted summer with the people of Dubrovnik. Her concert, held traditionally in the amphitheater on Srđ, was a magical experience where she played her cello as the first summer sun rose, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that marked the beginning of the most beautiful season in a spectacular way.

“For years, I’ve climbed to Srđ at dawn with my cello to celebrate the First Day of Summer and World Music Day with my dear guests. I look forward to this concert because, for me, it’s much more than just music. Those moments we share together are a special grace, a sense of community, and synergy. This year, I’ve added a small challenge by performing a second concert to bid farewell to the first summer sun in Istria. It means many hours of driving from location to location, but I’m excited because I believe World Music Day should be celebrated in this way. Music at two beautiful locations, Dubrovnik and Istria, the divine amphitheater of ‘Excelsa nekretnine’ on Srđ, and the ‘Archaeological Park Vižula’ in the heart of Medulin. Both concerts are free to attend, so join me in celebrating this special day together!” – said Ana Rucner in her concert announcement.

Photo: VSP Video