Another Record Set: Ten Thousand Visitors Went on City Walls – Today

Dubrovnik city walls, on e of the most famous and the most popular attractions for tourists, reached the exquisite number of  10 thousand visitors per day – today!

The President of the Association of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities (Društvo Prijatelja Dubrovačke Starine – DPDS), Niko Kapetanić, told DuList today that the record has been set up to the 10 338 tickets sold in one day.

He also told the newspaper that numbers will exceed 200 thousand visitors in August only. The average daily visitor number is 7 thousand.

On the 16 of July, Dubrovnik city walls reached the 9078 visitors, and that was the number set as the record fot the moment.
In total, 994 000 guests visited the city walls last year.