Bari Goddard Presents the Beauty of Dubrovnik in London

The popular British artist Bari Goddard, a lover of Croatia and Dubrovnik, presents magical photographs taken this summer in the Croatian Embassy in London on 14th of October. The exhibition named ‘Elsinore and Dubrovnik’ will be opened until November 18th.

‘Elsinore and Dubrovnik’ is a great proof of Goddard’s love for Dubrovnik and magical festival Midsummer Scene, that lasts for years. It also displays Croatian beauty through the eyes of successful versatile artist.

Magical photo story presents the most beautiful Dubrovnik locations and Goddard’s unrivaled talent – he recorded the most attractive moments of presentation of Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet, performed this Summer on Lovrjenac fortress.

Photo exhibition Midsummer Scene, ‘Elsinore and Dubrovnik’ is the first announcement of the fourth Midsummer Scene Festival season, to be held in late June and early July 2017.

Midsummer Festival Scene is a project made by the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, produced by Brilliant Events Dubrovnik and Honey-tongued Theatre Productions Ltd. London.

Excerpts from the biography of Bari Goddard:

Bari Goddard is an avant garde Welsh singer-songwriter, artist and photographer. He was born in Pontypridd, South Wales. he was well known for being the lead singer with Welsh Art Rock band Blaue Reiter.

The band split in 1982 and Goddard moved to London. He formed a band with Steve Maguire (of the Eurythmics) called The Design Team, then became lead vocalist with The Knives (ex-Brigandage) from 1983 to 1987. Today he is a reclusive artist and photographer, living in London, exhibiting throughout Europe.