BBC will promote Dubrovnik’s traditional meal Sporki makaruli

Rick Stein, a British culinary master chef and gastronome has visited Dubrovnik recently. He went to Kopun restaurant where he attempted to acquire the skill of preparing a traditional dish, Sporki makaruli (Dirty macaroni). Ana Bitanga, the owner of the restaurant Kopun, and a gastronome Rene Bakalovic shared a recipe with Stein that he will further share with his viewers in the BBC TV show „Byzantine odyssey“.
Namely, Rick Stein and his crew traveled around Croatia in order to gather and present Croatian tradition. In recent years he promoted Spain, India, and Far East. His latest trip started in Venice, and it will finish in Turkey where Stein and his crew will go after visiting Croatia, Albania and Greece.
For those who don´t know, Rick Stein is the owner of several renowned Great Britain restaurants. Also, he published over 19 cookbooks and ran about 25 television programs. Rick Stein is also a big fan of fish and seafood, which makes Croatia seem even more appealing.