Beautiful Couple Through the Lens of Dubrovnik Photographer Dubravko Lenert

Professional Dubrovnik photographer Dubravko Lenert posted a two-minute video of an in love couple photo shoot who chose Dubrovnik as a perfect spot for their idyllic vacation. Wanting to immortalize their stay in our lovely city they partnered up precisely with Lenert, a remarkable Dubrovnik photographer, who spent the entire evening with this gorgeous couple inside the walls of the Old Town. Stradun, Jezuite street and Porporela are only a few of the spectacular locations this captivating couple photo shoot took place, producing a stunning body of work filled with warm tones, bright smiles, loving emotions and fabulous backgrounds through the lens of this gifted photographer.

In the video description of the couple photo shoot Lenert pointed out how in the 2020 summer period Dubrovnik streets and sights seem to have a very different, quite distinguished charm.  For him, being liberated from the chronic crowds within the City, gives him an opportunity to enrich his mastery and enables him a finer chance of producing even more mesmerizing photographs.

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Photo: Instagram/dubravko.lenert.photographer