Belgian’s 50 Year Love Affair With Dubrovnik

When Michael Van Dael first visited Dubrovnik in 1963 it was to be the beginning of a life long love affair spanning 50 years.

Belgian Michael was this week awarded a certificate of gratitude from the Tourist Board of Dubrovnik for his loyalty to the city over the years. ”The first time I came was in 1963 camping. I was just a child but my first impressions of the Old Town still light my eyes. That’s the reason I return every year and along the way I have made many friends. Dubrovnik has become my second home.” Michael told press at yesterday’s drinks reception at the Hotel Excelsior.

Michael shared his love of Lokrum, with those in attendance and spoke of his unofficial role as an ambassador of Dubrovnik in Belgium, ”Last year I was on Belgian national television talking about why I love Dubrovnik for ten minutes. After that short interview over 400 people posted on Facebook that they would like to holiday here.”