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Big Game: Ship Bota Mojo caught the biggest fish

The ship Bota Mojo and it owner Maro Mihocevic are winners of the International Qualification Competition in Big Game Fishing. ‘Adria’ of Dragan Cora took second place, Jure Volarevic’s ‘Lunjo’ third, ‘Iglan’ (Andrija Gudeljevic) fourth, and ‘Ludo more’ with Hrvoje Pincevic fifth.

Ships ‘Saint Blaise’ of Stjepan Ivanovic, ‘Dream team’ (Pero Kmetovic), Nebojsa Saponic’s ‘Neoplanta’ ‘Servantes’ and Maro Sekula, ‘Lopud’ and Antun Percin and ‘Mamata’ of Robert Prcan took from 7th to 11th place in this year’s tournament.