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Blast From the Past: Ask Your Parents About Dubrovnik Street Car

Dubrovnik used to have its own street cars, orange and romantic. Now, they are only part of the history.

Some of you reading this text might remember the last ones driving… Or simply, ask your parents if they’ve visited Dubrovnik around sixties or seventies, and have seen good old tram. They operated from 1910 until 1970, between the city gate Pile and Port Gruž, or Lapad (second line).

The tramways carried around 100 million passengers during its six decades of existence, and the last full day of tram service was Friday 20 March 1970. Now, road transport services in the city are operated by buses.

There is also one horrible story connected with Dubrovnik street cars, that defined the very end of their usage in Dubrovnik: deadly accident everyone still talks about, that happened on the 7th of March 1970, so two weeks later, this old champ was retired.

Despite that, people of Dubrovnik still love the memory of street car. Variety of songs, poems, documentary films were dedicated to it.

Photo Courtesy: Dubrovnik’s Weekly Newspaper, DuList