Boat marathon from Neretva to Dubrovnik

Commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the liberation of Croatian south and Dubrovnik, the rowing marathon of boats from Neretva will be held from Neretva to Dubrovnik on July 6 and 7.

The marathon is organised by the Veteran’s Association of the Fourth Guard Brigade. The Association announces that the project starts on July 6 from Metković. Domagoj’s pirates will start from Vid on the River Norin to Neretva, and they continue together down the River Neretva to the sea.

Following the coast, they will go past Klek and Neum towards Mali Ston where the boat will be transported on the mainland to the nearby Ston, in which case they do not have to row all around the peninsula of Pelješac. From there they will continue towards Slano and Dubrovnik. The arrival to Dubrovnik, the Port, is planned for Saturday, July 7, between 20.00 and 21.00 pm. Veteran’s Association is planning to visit and commemorate the deaths of their comrades by the monument dedicated to them.