Bollywood in Dubrovnik: Movie ‘Fan’ will bring Croatia closer to India

Shooting of the Bollywood hit film ‘Fan’ with the ‘Indian Tom Cruise’, Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role, has come to its end. Actor, producers, directors and others will gather their equipment and leave for India soon. They will leave, but millions of tourists from their homeland will soon visit our country.

‘After you recorded the Game of Thrones and similar TV series, the whole world knew that Croatia is doing a good job and that Croatia and Dubrovnik can offer a lot to the movie world. How did we establish this cooperation between India and Croatia? Well, Boris Dmitrovic has been trying to get one big project for years. And you know how the old saying goes ‘seek, and you will find what you are looking for,’ Hrvoje Hribar, the director of Croatian audio visual center said.

The greatest benefit we will have from this cooperation is that soon enough Croatia and scenes filmed in Dubrovnik will be shown in millions of homes all over India. Furthermore, next year we will certainly see a lot of new tourists and fans here. Just the same like we experienced with the Game of Thrones’, said Hribar.

Boris Dmitrovic from Formula added to this: ‘Croatia recently became very interesting to all foreign production companies. Colleagues from India visited Dubrovnik one year ago. We were waiting for this project for many years.’

‘It was very exciting to shoot here in Dubrovnik, and we look forward to enjoying what we have done here’ said the producer of the YRF team. ‘Croatia is a place of incredible beauty and great atmosphere. We are very glad that we have recorded this action thriller with lots of very exciting scenes here. For those who are interested in the movie, it is about a fan of the Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan plays his own fan’, the producer discovered.

According to him, Indian audience is very interested in Dubrovnik. That is why the next autumn will be filled with great excitement. Namely, the movie is due to be screened then.

For the production of the movie Yash Raj Films (YRF) and its Croatian partner, Formula Film hired more than 600 extras. During the nine days of filming in Croatia Yash Raj Films spent around 1.1 million euros (8.6 million kuna). The project was realized through incentives of Croatian Audiovisual Centre. Since their introduction in 2012, they have achieved a growth rate of almost 100% in consumption of international productions every year. After European and American productions, these measures have now invited big Bollywood productions to Croatia.
In 2014, eight international productions from France, Sweden, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, the US and Switzerland have filmed in Croatia. They all spent around 83 million euros on Croatian products and services.