Bona Fide Mex-cantina – the place where Mediterranean kisses Mexico

“Bona Fide” Mex-cantina enters the new season with a special concept in mind. As it seems, the owners have decided to offer their guests something completely new, and unlike anything else before found in other restaurants throughout the city.

With the concept of a true Mexican restaurant in mind, Atabulus Ltd. spent the entire winter training in-house chefs in order to reach high industry levels they aspire towards.

Alongside comes also the artistic touch of the project. As Niko Kastelan (Mex Cantina co-owner) explains, a former partner Iris Lobas Kukavicic took part in creating a pleasing environment for their customers.

Pleasant maritime colors of lavender and the sea

Iris Lobas Kukavicic, a Dubrovnik native points out that this project was a challenging one because her work involves spatial intervention as well as ambiance.
“The idea came to life at the exact moment I was seriously involved in other projects, my doctoral thesis foremost. Furthermore, several other projects like the DuList “Pozitivac godine” sculpture and an outdoor sculpture for a Copenhagen based worldwide cardboard packaging distribute were also on the way, so I was not sure my previous obligations would allow launching of a new project – the artist points out. The Cubranic street, where the Mex-cantina is located, is a very specific location. This is probably why an idea sprung to my mind immediately. This was not an ordinary decoration project, mostly due to the fact that this is a cultural monument”, explains Lobas Kukavicic, assistant at the Department of Art and Restoration at the University of Dubrovnik.

“The first association of Mexico are vivid colors, serenity and an alround positive attitude as well as cacti. I tried to incorporate all of those details into our street, but a decision was made to adapt the Mexican colors to the Mediterranean atmosphere. Colors of lavender and the sea are therefore prevalent on the tables inside the Mex-cantina”, said the artist.

“My friends from Atabulus Ltd liked the project so much they talked me into extending the project into a gallery space in the same street, which opens soon. The aforementioned gallery space will be decorated in the same manner as the restaurant. Some of my work will also be on display”, says Lobas Kukavicic.

It starts with food

Kukavicic points out that she is in the early phase of conceptualizing a souvenir, an interesting promotional item for the city throughout the world. Tourists take souvenirs to the far ends of the world and promote the city as a creative hub. A mexican cantina is all about food says Kukavicic, my part is the visual identity, and they take care of preparing delicious meals.

“A professional chef trained the staff throughout the winter, and in my opinion, it worked out perfectly. The food is absolutely delicious”, Lobas Kukavicic mentioned. Local clients can enjoy a special discount in the “Bona Fide” Mex cantina, or in the Iza Roka street based “Bona Fide” Pizzeria.