Boy George @ Culture Club Revelin

British musician Boy George took to the decks on Thursday night at Culture Club Revelin alongside DJ and producer Mark Vedo. Their house set skillfully combined the solid beats and melodies from pop hits of the 80’s, which is not surprising, since that was when Boy George gained worldwide fame as the lead singer of pop group Culture Club. The older ones amongst you will remember the hits’Do you really want to hurt me?’,’Karma Chameloen’ or ‘Church of the Poison Mind’. The group achieved 100 million singles sales and sold more than 50 million albums.

We spoke to Boy George, real name George Alan O’Dowd, about his music and performance that night.

In the world you have gained cult status as the leader of the pop group Culture Club, and now perform as a DJ. When did your life adventure in to electronic music?
– Actually, I started working as a DJ 1979 , before my career with Culture Club. It was only later I started the band. Somewhere around the 1987 I became attracted to British acid-house music, the scene had some really great DJs. That’s what I really liked, and people began to ask for me to DJ at some parties. So performance by performance that’s how I ended up on a world tour lasting 25 years, and that’s really quite a lot.

What are your experiences so far with Croatian audiences?
– Basically I think about the individual club, not a specific place. When you do what I do, then you remember whether you have had a good performance or not, and whether the audience at the club  acted like they liked the music played. I’ve played at several festivals and I’m sure there were a lot of people from Croatia there.

What have you prepared for  Dubrovnik?
– I didnt prepare anything! Í don’t ever prepare anything I play. I travel a lot, and everything in my repertoire is the music I love. I don’t play what I don’t like! I do not plan a selection and arrangement of songs that we play because there is always something that can happen unexpectedly. It’s all spontaneous!

Do you wish you may return to the stage as a singer?
– Yes, the album is ready for September and it will be completely different music than the one running on my DJ performances. I can’t say that this is a pop album, but certainly not a house one. In November, a British tour awaits, and next year, I’ll go around the world. I don’t know whether I will visit Croatia yet though.