Brigitte and Manfred Love Dubrovnik, Trsteno and Veliki Žali for 50 Years Now

 The Dubrovnik Tourist Board organized a little party for Keitel family, Manfred and Brigitte form Germany, who have been visiting our town, Trsteno and Veliki žali for half a century now.

Two of them spend most of their August and September on Veliki žal, in their ‘kantun’, where a little ceremony was held today.

First of all, everybody knows them on this beach! Locals keep their spot free, since Manfred and Brigitte come to beach every day around 7 am and stay there for the whole day. What an relaxation!

The adventure started in 1966

Brigitte and Manfred first arrived in Croatia in  1966, and the trip they took with their car was an true adventure! Storng wind, gravel road and ‘smelly’ memories – they stayed at the hotel Admiral in Slano, and next to the hotel, during that period, was a fish processing factory. But they didn’t mind the small disturbances, hence they immediately fell in love with Veliki žal, one of the most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik area. From the 1969, they keep coming and staying at the mansion of the Belohradski family in Trsteno.

Belohradski, but other families as well, adore this charming German couple, who arrived mor than 50 times in this fifty years, since they used to come in a spring as well. Manfred would often sail with his friends along the Adriatic Coast, and he rememembered how they even stranded once!

Today’s little ceremony was prepared without big announcement, so the emotions and a few tears were very difficult to hide, especially for precious guests like this couple loyal to our country as their dream vacation.