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British Couple in Love With Dubrovnik for 22 Years

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board traditionally presents long-time guests to the city with special gifts, these guests after all are the best promoters of Dubrovnik’s tourist offer. And the British couple James Anthony Pouling and Margaret Irene from Liverpool in the UK received a commendable thank you certificate and gifts on Tuesday, the 10th of September at the main office of the tourist board. This British couple have been coming to the city for the past 22 years.

Their first arrival was in 1998 and it was love at first sight when they saw Dubrovnik. During their numerous arrivals and stays in the city, once and sometimes twice a year, they have made a lifelong friendship with their hosts, Dubravko Moravec’s family in the old city. With their “Dubrovnik family” they often go on excursions around the wider Dubrovnik region. James and Margaret Pouling feel most at home when they go for a swim at Danče or Buža beaches or when they meet local people that they know and stop for a chat.

On behalf of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board an acknowledgment letter of thanks for their loyalty to Dubrovnik and commemorative gifts were presented by director Romana Vlašić, who thanked the married couple for their loyalty and expressed her hope that they would continue their tradition of visiting Dubrovnik. Such long-time guests are especially valuable because they are dedicated to our city and proudly display their loyalty in their home countries.

Info by @Experience Dubrovnik