Capo Verde Through the Lens of a Well-Known Dubrovnik Guide

Ivan Vuković 'Vuka' Sent Us Some Really Pretty Photos of This Paradise on Earth

Ivan Vuković ‘Vuka’, famous Dubrovnik tourist guide, visited Cabo Verde. Vuka is well known as a great photographer, so he sent us some photos depicting everyday life in this magical paradise on Earth.

Cabo Verde by Ivan Vukovic Vuka 9

Cabo Verde or Cape Verde or Cape Verde Islands… This country and archipelago is the westernmost country in Africa and only 500 thousand people inhabit these islands. They speak Creole and Portuguese. Per example, Cesaria Evora was a Cape Verdean singer-songwriter, born in Mindelo, and Capo Verde beat Portugal once in football‘, Vuković wrote.

Cabo Verde by Ivan Vukovic Vuka 6

‘These islands were uninhabited until 500 years ago. Many still live in remote parts of this volcanic archipelago because they are instilled with the fear of slave ownership, so they are still ‘hiding’ today. They haven’t fallen victim to excessive tourism yet!’, Vuka concluded.

Enjoy his awe photos!