Chasing the donkey says: Croatian culture is a masterpiece!

If you ever decide to move to Croatia you should read Chasing the donkey blog first, where the author depicts everything about our country. Or, you can read this blog just to learn something more about Croatian rich culture and heritage, among which is the famous Dubrovnik’s festivity of Saint Blaise.

‘The Patron of the city is one of Dubrovnik’s most important events and was inscribed in 2009 as one of Eastern European examples of cultural heritage, according to UNESCO. It was added to the list because of its uniqueness, importance to culture and its endurance over the years. This festival honors the city’s patron saint and has been ongoing for a thousand years in Dubrovnik. The festival combines a celebration of St. Blaise, through a ritual of blessings and prayers for the coming year, with a parade of traditional songs and dances. The festival attracts both locals and international tourists, presents folk costumes and traditional foods’. That is how it Chasing the donkey blog described it in article about Croatian values included on UNESCO’s list. Here the author talks about every one of 14 Croatian cultural sites, or, how she says, masterpieces which are on the list of 37 sites all over the world.

The UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List includes ojkanje singing, Lace-making in Croatia, Sinjska Alka- a knights’ tournament in Sinj, following the cross on the Island of Hvar, Zvončar: Annual Carnival Bell Ringers’ Pageant from Kastav, Nijemo Kolo, Silent Circle Dance of the Dalmatian Hinterland, Traditional Manufacturing of Children’s Wooden Toys in Hrvatsko Zagorje, Becarac Singing and Playing from Eastern Croatia, Festivity of Saint Blaise, the Patron of Dubrovnik, Gingerbread Making from Northern Croatia, Spring Procession of Ljelje/Kraljice (Queens) from Gorjani, Klapa Multipart Singing of Dalmatia, Southern Croatia, Mediterranean Diet and two-part singing and playing after the Istrian scale.