Cheap And Cheerful Camping

Eleven girls and four guys from Poland have made their way to Kupari, just outside of Dubrovnik for their summer holidays. While there may be nothing unusual about their choice of destination, their choice of accommodation is strictly for the adventurous…

The group has chosen the abandoned and war damaged former hotel complex on Kupari beach as their home for their break with at a cost of 0,00 HRK per night it’s certainly cheap but has no luxuries or basic amenities other than the beach’s public toilet.

They arrived based on a recommendation from friends who had taken part in the student Autostop Race from Poland back in May, ”We found this shelter with some shade here, we can hang our washing and are protected from the rain too.” Marta Kooczot humbly told us.

Marta says they don’t find it scary sleeping under the stars, ”Last night we heard some strange noises and saw some lights but it’s mostly OK.”

Asia Barnert also said she felt safe in Croatia following their long trip, ”When we were hitchhiking we stayed in the strangest places, on motorways and at petrol stations, so for us this is heaven.”

The group plan to say until Friday or Saturday and busked on the Stradun last night to raise money for their return journey home.