Children performed Kolenda and Christmas carols

Dubrovnik branch of Matica Hrvatska and Dubrovnik Libraries held the final workshop named ‘Kolenda and Christmas carols’ at the Freedom cinema yesterday. The workshop, which was organized for seventh year in a row during Advent, following the tradition, was organized by sisters Paola Drazic Zekic and Sanja Drazic. They involved preschool children and elementary school children.
‘We have been rejuvenated, we have never had such a young group’, said Paola Drazic Zekic. The Secretary of Dubrovnik’s branch of Matica Hrvatska. Jelena Obradovic Mojas said:’Matica has no doubts about supporting this workshop. We believe it has a very important role in the preservation of Dubrovnik’s heritage’, she added.
During the one-hour long concert children sang traditional Christmas carols, and kolenda, songs from Dubrovnik region covering Kalamota, Mljet, Vela Luka, Cavtat and Rijeka dubrovacka.