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Children’s Carol Concert

For the fifth year running Dubrovnik Library together with the Croatian Heritage Foundation have organised a traditional carol singing workshop for children. Carol singing at Christmas time is a tradition that still lives strong today in Dubrovnik and should you visit the Old Town on Christmas Eve you will find many groups of friends,  of all ages, caroling.

Children aged from 5 to 13 took part in the workshops with around 70 taking part in their first concert in the Little Brothers Church on Sunday. Sanja Drazic and Paola Drazic Zekic are the two ladies leading the program, both remarked that each year more and more children take part, so much so they had to find a new rehearsal space.

The children have learned around 12 carols for the concert, all hailing from the local area. Be sure to visit the Old Town on Christmas Eve to experience this fantastic Dubrovnik tradition.