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Club Dubrovnik Inc. New York Celebrate Anniversary

Croatian expat organisation, Club Dubrovnik Inc. New York, celebrated its 72nd anniversary with a charity dinner and auction of works by Dubrovnik painters. The gala dinner was organised in honour of the feast day of Dubrovnik’s patron saint, Saint Blaise, and was held at the prestigious New York Athletic Club.

This special night was organized by Mr. Zeljko Tomic, the owner of Restaurant Dubrovnik in New Rochelle and famous ‘Mljet son’, Luis Rodriguez. Among the guests were the mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahusic and his wife,  Dubrovnik Tourist Board director Romana Vlasic and Croatian ambassador to the UN, Vladimir Drobnjak.

The night began to the sounds of the hymn of Saint Blaise performed by Srdjan Gjivoje with Dalmatian vocal group Klapa Astorija. The music continued with Croatian singers Tajci and Ljiljana Nikolovska, who live in the United States. Guests were treated to a performance by expats’ children of  Dubrovnik’s folklore dance – Linđo, dressed in the traditional costumes of the Dubrovnik region. For this occasion the club also published a special edition of the Libertas newsletter.

Money donated during the evening to Club Dubrovnik will go to those in need in Dubrovnik this summer.