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CNN: Cave bar More is one of the 6 world’s best subterranean bars!

Cave bar More in Dubrovnik has joined the company of the CNN’s top 6 of the world’s best subterranean bars. With likeable reference to ambience and atmosphere of the cave, reporter Rob Crossan paid compliments to the cave and all its particularities.
‘Looking quite startlingly like the underground lair of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, this natural cave beneath the chichi Hotel More in Croatia’s most beautiful city is a fabulous, strangely retro combination. In the heart of it are precipitous rocky walls illuminated purple, stalagmites and stalactites, glossy white bar counters and some serious mixology from the bartenders.’
Echoing CNN, the article about Cave bar More has been published on many portals like Great News Today, USA News, and World News. Thanks to them and their publications, Croatian cocktail Crocktail became famous worldwide.
‘Ask nicely and they might rustle up the ‘Crocktail’- a Croatian specialty made with Maraschino (a local liqueur), cherry juice, lemon juice and candied orange peel. If the weather’s good you can even ascend from the cave and drink it on the terrace above ground.’