‘Come Home’: New Film Showcasing the Beauty of Konavle and Inviting Visitors to Explore

“Come Home” is the new promotional film that will showcase all the beauty of Konavle to visitors.

Actors Jelena Otašević-Babić and Damir Bogdanović, through a romantic storyline and a series of captivating shots, reveal all the charms and unique features that Konavle offers to its visitors.

“In this way, those who have already visited Konavle are reminded of the time spent in the destination, while those who haven’t are invited to explore, experience, and create new unforgettable memories,” emphasized the Konavle Tourism Board, which produced the film in collaboration with Balduči Film from Zagreb. The screenplay was written by producer Spomenka Saraga, and it was directed by Herve Tirmarche. The music used in the film is composed by Frankie Orella.

The film crew is completed by cinematographer and editor Jalil Armilio, as well as assistant cinematographer Nikša Vierdoom. Aerial shots are credited to Marko Butraković and Robert Godrijan.