Congratulations! Marijo Curić Awarded Best Chef in 2020

Marijo Curić from Dubrovnik, executive chef of the famous Restaurant 360 Dubrovnik, won the prestigious Chef of the Year award assigned by the Dobri restoran choice awards.

This competition is designed in a way where chefs nominate the best among themselves, guided by technical superiority, imagination, and continuity to make each plate closest to perfection as possible.
”Having everything in mind, it is not surprising Marijo Curić, executive chef of Restaurant 360, won this year’s Chef of the Year award,” they emphasize from the magazine Dobri restoran.

Chef Curić has been the executive chef of Restaurant 360 Dubrovnik since 2015, and has been working Dubrovnik cuisine since 2007, having only one one-year break period. His gastronomy, the magazine writes, would be best defined as technically very modern on the basis of an old French school.
He practiced his inspiration and technical training as an intern in prestigious Michelin star awarded restaurants such as Milan’s Devero restaurant, London’s Marcus, Elystan Street, Ledbury and Bibendum, and now sovereignly rules the kitchen of the most luxurious restaurant in Croatia.

“I’m very well aware of the stress factor present in the cooking profession since I work in the position of executive chef, so there are no complaints. Mistakes can provoke quite violent reactions from chefs, from loud shouting to more specific expressions of dissatisfaction like breaking plates that were not very well made. If you understand the fact that for the chef, every plate that comes out of his kitchen represents himself personally, then it’s clear why every single plate is the most important one,” chef Curić concluded.