Coronavirus: Total of 713 People Infected in Croatia

Total of 713 people infected with coronavirus was recorded on Sunday in Croatia. 52 people recovered. Six deaths have been recorded. 5.900 tests have been conducted.

Starting 00:01 Thursday, March 19, a new series of measures takes place to ensure stricter social distance and reduce the possibility of spreading the virus among population. Please be reminded to comply with received personal hygiene instructions and to keep social distance between individuals: a distance of 2 meters is required to be kept indoors and a distance of 1 meter outdoors.

All non-essential activities are closed in order to protect senior citizens and those chronically ill – as far as it is possible.

We remind you that the best defense against this virus is to maintain personal hygiene and avoid close contact. Therefore, these measures forbid all activities with large number of people in close contact and gathering of more than 5 people.

The wide range of facilities and stores are not closed to ensure normal supply of food and goods. Freight traffic and supply lines operate regularly. An agreement with countries in our neighborhood has been reached to ensure supply and transportation.

Employers are required to organize work from home for their employees, arrange teleconferences, cancel all business trips and forbid workers with acute respiratory illness from coming to work.

The local civil protection headquarters will be in charge of implementing new measures.

A temporary ban on the movement of civilians across borders is also enforced, with an exception of healthcare professionals, elderly care professionals, cross-border workers, police officers, civil protection teams, military personnel, international military personnel, passengers in transit. This permission will need to be granted individually.
Croatian citizens will be allowed to return to the Republic of Croatia and EU citizens will be able to return to their countries of origin.

All facilities allowed to operate will have to comply with the measures given by the Croatian Institute for Public Health. Croatian Institute for Public Health will issue transport recommendations valid at the national level.

It is highly important that people in self-isolation strictly follow the given instructions on self-isolation.

As of Wednesday, March 18, special measures, which will take effect over the next 30 days, will have a significant impact on the elderly as the most vulnerable group. The measures aim to protect the elderly citizens from infection.

Remember: the best protection is to follow all given prevention measures and to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

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