Croatian Aviation: Reestablish of Domestic Service in Croatia

As of today, May 11th, Croatia Airlines is flying again on two domestic routes, from Zagreb to Split and from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. After a two-month break without domestic air traffic service, the Croatian national airline reintroduced two daily flights between Zagreb and Dubrovnik, and Zagreb and Split, Croatian Aviation sends us some great news this Monday.

Zagreb Airport previously relocated the check-in from the B and C to the A section and prepared the entire process of passengers handling according to the HZJZ standards.

The first plane took off for Dubrovnik, for which this is also the first commercial flight after almost two months, considering that the Dubrovnik airport has been closed since March 19th due to the pandemic. At 8 AM, the DashQ400 (9A-CQB) aircraft with 21 passengers left for Dubrovnik, while the DashQ400 (9A-CQC) aircraft with 11 passengers took off towards Split Airport.

The plane will depart from Dubrovnik for Zagreb at 9:50 AM, while the departure from Split is planned for 9:45 AM. Evening flights will also return to Zagreb from these two cities, so currently the planes and crew will not overnight in Split and Dubrovnik as was the case before.

Given the daily rotation of Croatia Airlines to Frankfurt, the re-established domestic flights are perfectly connected to the only international flight from Croatia, so passengers can travel further via Zagreb to their final destinations with the minimal waiting time. These flights will certainly help the local population, which due to its obligations must travel to the capital of Croatia and vice versa, as well as business people who travel further to Europe. It could be particularly useful for seamen.

This is the first step towards the complete normalization of air traffic, the next will be the introduction of routes to Zadar, Pula and Brač, and after that, we can expect the re-introduction of some international routes.

Today, A320 aircraft will fly to and from Frankfurt, while DashQ400 aircraft will mainly fly on domestic routes to Dubrovnik and Split. Booking for domestic routes is currently low, but with continuous growth for the next few days.

Source: Croatian Aviation