Croatian Cinematographic Pride ‘Zvizdan’ Opens the Festival in Trieste

Croatian movie ‘The High Sun/Zvizdan’, directed by Dalibor Matanic, will open the 27th edition of the International Film Festival in Italian Trieste. The festival will be held from 22nd January to 30th January, and it will present the best movies in various categories. Except for ‘The High Sun’, a few more Croatian films will be shown at this festival.

Namely, “Sick’ by Hrvoje Mabić, ‘Picnic’ by Jure Pavlović and ‘The Walker’ by Filip Mojzeš are competing for the awards in categories of documentary and short film. Italian audience will also see animated movie ‘Shepherd’ by Matija Pisačić and ‘Four passports’ by director Mihajlo Jevtić.
The honor to open the 27th edition of the festival went to the award-winning ‘The High Sun’ by Dalibor Matanic, who will be shown out of the competition. After the movie screening on Friday 22nd, Italian movie fans will be will be surprised with a concert of Alen and Nenad Sinkauz, musicians who signed the music for the film.