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‘Croatian Day on National Geographic’: Explore the Beauties of Croatia Like Never Before

This Sunday is a special day for Dubrovnik and Croatia. The well-known television channel National Geographic dedicated this entire day to our country through various specialized shows, entitled ‘Croatian Day on National Geographic’ starting at 9.p.m.

The whole world will have the opportunity to learn more about our country and see places and beauties they haven’t seen before or knew existed in Croatia. The program will begin with the show ‘Unexplored Kitchens’ showing the famous British chef Gordon Ramsay taking a trip to Istria where he was hosted by the Croatian chef David Skoko.

‘Croatian Day at National Geographic’ will continue with the show ‘Europe from the Air’ in which, among other things, viewers will be able to enjoy the beauties of the Ston walls, Pelješac Bridge, and of course our lovely Dubrovnik. The program will be rounded off by the show ‘Dream Cars-Inside the Factory’, in which viewers will be able to ‘peek’ into the fantastic Rimac car factory.