Croatian House: Store With the Original Croatian Products

In the Old Town in Dubrovnik, now you can find charming shop with hand-made traditional Croatian products from all Croatian regions – Croatian House.

Search for traditional souvenir from Continental Croatia, Istria, all the way to the Dalmatia and far away Croatian islands. Every product is made with love from a small family producers who cultivate the traditional way of production. Every product is made following the highest environmental standards but the best part of this story is that all of them are very affordable in Croatian house!

What can be found here? 100 percent natural cosmetics without any artificial additives – scented soaps, essential oils, various creams for face and body, sunscreens, bath salts … As for souvenirs- in the Croatian trade house you can find gingerbread hearts (licitarsko srce) and Croatian traditional toys that are on the UNESCO list of protected world heritage goods, and also a variety of hand-made magnets, plates painted by the famous Croatian painters and many other products…

Sweeten yourself with various tasteful delicacies, such as jams and liqueurs(cherry, lemon, rosemary, sage, elder, bitter liquor), traditional products made of figs (from Hib, Vis) Croatian teas, wines and olive oils with different flavors (for example, with 24 karat gold!).

Each customer can taste the products and their quality, and with every purchase one receives a small gift as a token of appreciation. If you want to learn more about Croatian tradition, bring the original Croatian products with you while leaving Dubrovnik!

Address: Antuninska 5, 20 000 Dubrovnik
Mobile phone: 091 444 0118
E-mail: marco772@gmail.com
Working hours: from 9 am to 9 pm
Payment: Cash