Croatian islands moved to London, on the River Thames

The new campaign ‘Croatia, Full of Life’ was presented this week in London. Londoners are enabled to feel the breath of Croatia in London, hear authentic Croatian music, taste traditional Croatian dishes and enjoy the offer of our islands. The makeshift island-raft was decorated to look like most of the Croatian islands with a small stone house, the olive trees etc. and it will sail on the river Thames for a next few days. The island presents all of 1244 Croatian islands that made our country famous. Londoners also have the chance to feel Croatia through wine and gastronomic offer, cultural and natural wealth, from singing folk songs and Alkars (Sinjska alka is an equestrian competition held in the Croatian town of Sinj every first Sunday in August since 1717), all the way to the photo exhibitions.

Since Croatia is a destination with a wide offer, at the Croatian tourist concept guests were entertained by well-known DJs who traditionally participate at festivals that are held in Croatia for years now.

Croatian event aroused great interest among the public and the media, among which were the Daily Mirror, OK magazine, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and others. Some famous Croats such as British residents Slaven Bilic and Nikola Jurcevic visited the island as well, but the biggest surprise was Naomie Harris, an actress from the James Bond film who came to see all the Croatian beauties.