Croatian Tourism Forum in Dubrovnik

Croatia is a tourism champion of the Mediterranean, and this tourist season and year are the best in the history of Croatia according to Minister for Tourism Veljko Ostojic at the opening of the Croatian Tourism Forum on Thursday. The Congress organised by Croatian Radio Television and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce is being held in Dubrovnik from October 18th-19th.

“This (season) has been a great success for Croatian tourism. I admit that I had fears ahead of the season because the challenges that we set ourselves were big. Alas, thanks to knowledge, hard work and good preparation we can be happy and proud.” Minister Ostojic told attendees at the congress.

A main theme of the congress will be accessing EU funds for tourism, something which Minister Ostojic highlighted, “We will make a big mistake if we don’t prepare and that’s why we are working on our strategy for tourism. Without a strategy there are no funds, before anything we need to invest in increasing our competitiveness.”