CroLove: Breathtaking Photos of Dubrovnik Made by Wojciech and Aga on Bored Panda!

‘Me and my wife Aga live in Poland, but our second homeland is Croatia. It was love at first visit. For several years, every summer we spend in Dalmatia. We fell in love Pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik’, says Wojciech TyluśView.

Wojciech and Aga are a young couple from Lublin. Wojtek works in SEO, Aga is a doctor, and they kindly offered us his travel story from our town they’re impressed with.

Wojciech Aga Bored Panda

The story about Dubrovnik is published even on the Bored Panda, and his lovely 35 photos already got some likes :)
‘Walking down Stradun, or any other of the countless, atmospheric and narrow streets of Dubrovnik, is a marvelous experience. But there is another way of exploring the Dubrovnik Old City – walking on city walls. The view from above unveils the city’s labyrinth of streets, squares and houses, and the boundless Adriatic stretching out around Dubrovnik’, Wojciech wrote on Bored Panda.

He and his wife run the blog/web page, saying that they’re more than in love with our country.

Love at first visit


Dubrovnik Wojciech Aga Bored Panda

‘The seed of love for Crotia has been planted in us by Wojtek’s sister who was visiting those parts of the world right after the breakup of Yugoslavia. Fascinated with stories of chirping cicadas, crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, and wonderful views from the Biokovo mountain range, we decided to see all of this ourselves. And it paid off, we wouldn’t exchange Crotia for any other country, although the first time we went there, she greeted us with rain. Our first visit to Croatia was completely spontaneous, no planning, no set destinations. The only thing we knew was that we wanted to go to Dalmatia. When we were done exploring every corner of Dalmatia, we would go up, towards Istria and Slavonia’, they wrote.

After that experience, Croatia and Dubrovnik are forever set in their hearts, and the accompanying photos of Dubrovnika can be seen here, on their great web page, and here’s the story published on Bored Panda.

We bring you some of the photos made by Wojciech and Aga in our photo gallery!