Crvik’s Family “Tezoro” Can Now be Savoured in America

In this time of economical uncertainty, stories of one’s business success are very much needed and welcomed more than ever. One of those stories is the one about the Crvik family winery from Konavle, a successful family business going back for over a century. In a green oasis not far from Dubrovnik, in the picturesque village of Komaji, located in a forest on the hills between Konavle field on one side and the sea on the other, Crvik family vineyard bares one of the finest Croatian wines.

One of those internationally successful wines is most certainly “Tezoro”, wining the silver prize at Decanter and the International Wine Challenge and gold at Vinistra and Sabatina.  Derived by Dubrovačka Malvasija, very old Dubrovnik seedling, mentioned in the Dubrovnik archives in the 14th century, “Tezoro” can be regarded as most authentic type of wine of the area insofar as nowhere else in the world. And it has, as of recent, found its way to customers’ tables “across the pond”.

Mirena Bagur, Metković native with an American address, had a lot to do with it. With her husband, Win A.Burke, she leads a “Croatian Premium Wine Imports” company specialized in import and distribution of Croatian wines in the USA. Thanks to them, many premium wines from Croatia can be found in American shops, such as Plavac Mali, Dingač, Pošip, Babić, Tribidrag, Debit and of course Dubrovačka Malvasija.

“When it comes to wines, knowledgeable wine professionals and lovers in America make quality their very first priority, and all the reviews that have been coming our way are excellent!” says Mirena proudly.

Petar Crvik, the fourth generation of winemakers in the Crvik family, sees this is a great time to take a big leap forward:

“Every year, tourists from all over the world come to our winery. It is often the Americans who ask us if they can get our wine in the United States. I am glad our efforts and authenticity have been recognized, and I sincerely hope that more Croatian winemakers will start exporting, because this is a huge opportunity for Croatian winemaking,” – Crvik concluded.